The Green Lantern Meets Star Wars – Yoga Disguised as Science Fiction

July 1, 2011

Q: “My mind is always creating difficulties.  What should I do?”
MM: “Give me your mind without fear and I will transform it. When the heart suffers, it is easy to transform its suffering into joy, but when the mind creates and lives in a fantasy, it is extremely difficult to change it.  So be very careful.  Do not let your mind become your worst enemy…Train it to be awake.  Train it to be lit up with spirit.  Make it a servant and not a master.”
Mother Meera, Answers Volume I

It’s summer BlockBuster time!  Recently, my one true friend, Baby Ed, took me to see one of the latest reincarnations of a Marvel Comics creation, The Green Lantern.  Now, most of us aware of spiritual pursuits have observed – all the way back to J.R.R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings trilogy – the esoteric, mystic principles described on those pages, only thinly veiled.  Deeper than even the political philosophy that is the foundation of much of the best “science fiction”, it is ancient alchemy that is clothed in the garb of “fantasy” and “imagination”; these frequencies and codes speak directly to the unconscious knowledge of the human soul, if the conscious awareness has become separated from the eternal Truth.
No doubt, I’m always up for good science fiction – I can get escapist fun, and be expanded and elevated at the same time.  This summer, I’ve noticed a real intensification and focus to the translation of the mystic teachings in our vacation fare – they are a little less silly.  Less trivial and aimless.  Like the drilling of a well, I have witnessed a plumbing to greater depths of actual metaphysical work, with a feeling of serious intent. Take Green Lantern, for example – looking past the requisite spandex suit and mask, we are presented with many core axes of yoga.  The lovely Ryan Reynolds is the protagonist who takes us with him, as he falls unwittingly into the worlds of spiritual forces beyond his comprehension.  We are beside him as he is introduced to the basics of the science of Consciousness: how mind is the projector/creator of external (and internal) experience, how the formless power of will is the omnipotent force that drives and directs this mighty engine to manifest limitless configurations in energy.
Most important, we are reminded, warned – in Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings – the unfathomable dangers of falling into slumber, succumbing to the sloth of ignorance of these eternal principles of the inner Reality.  We believe we can afford to sleep, right up until the moment we are crushed to death by the Laws of Consciousness.
Well, by my figuring, the crushing is well underway – that’s for certain.  The only question yet unanswered is, really, who is going to be swallowed up by the waves….and who is going to remember themselves?
Have fun at the movies, folks!

Junipur over and out

Aurobindo Speaks: Who Listens?

June 1 2011

“In all that is done in the universe, the Divine through His Shakti is behind all action but He is
veiled by his Yoga Maya and works through the ego of the Jiva in the lower nature.
In Yoga also it is the Divine Who is the Sadhaka and the Sadhana; it is His Shakti with Her
light, power, knowledge, consciousness, Ananda, acting upon the Adhara and, when it is open
to Her, pouring into it with these divine forces that makes the Sadhana possible.  But so long
as the lower nature is active the personal effort of the Sadhaka remains necessary.

The personal effort required is a triple labour of aspiration, rejection and surrender, –
an aspiration vigilant, constant, unceasing – the mind’s will, the heart’s seeking, the assent
of the vital being, the will to open and make plastic the physical consciousness and nature;
rejection of the movements of the lower nature – rejection of the mind’s ideas, opinions,
preferences, habits, constructions, so that the true knowledge may find free room in a silent
mind, – rejection of the vital nature’s desires, demands, cravings, sensations, passions,
selfishness, pride, arrogance, lust, greed, jealousy, envy, hostility to the Truth, so that the
true power and joy may pour from above into a calm, large, strong and consecrated vital
being, – rejection of the physical nature’s stupidity, doubt, disbelief, obscurity, obstinacy,
pettiness, laziness, unwillingness to change, Tamas, so that the true stability of Light,
Power, Ananda may establish itself in a body growing always more divine;
surrender of oneself and all one is and has and every plane of the consciousness and
every movement to the Divine and the Shakti.”  The Mother, Sri Aurobindo 1972

I confess I am in a mood today, fighting a growing desire to depart this blog-writing.  What am I going to say that will accomplish in the soul of Man what the transcendent greatest sages, such as Sri Aurobindo, has failed to?  How will it help anything for little me to rant, complain, sounding more like a pedantic, pretentious, do-gooder-on-a-soap-box every day?
This is what I have learned in my recent sojourn on earth: if a spirit has either lost all memory of the continuum of its existence in eternal Consciousness – and with that, the certain knowledge that it will experience, in awful fullness, the causal seeds it sows in the dream of Time – or the spirit has abandoned, in an infantile tantrum, all care and responsibility for its effects on itself and others in the universe – nothing in the written or spoken word will re-create that love in the void of soul.

For me, there are no other subjects.
So, later, out there – or not.

Junipur over and totally out

The Far Shore : Crossing The River of Dreams

Easter 2011

Technically, this blog is for May 1 – but I happen to be writing it on Easter Sunday, and it seems fitting.
The immaterial, weightless nature of the soul is all but forgotten now – the truth and immediacy of it – so real discussions about our bondage are sort of redundant.  The facts of the states of dreaming, waking, and the river that yawns between them have been reduced to the banal, and casual, by the world-mind.
In some cultures, they say to speak a thing, to give it a name, renders it powerless.  Today, the New Age is the consensus of common knowledge about all things spiritual; without our noticing, the banality of mind has “owned” the concepts.  In stealth, it has erased the doorways to the inner chambers of power.  We are lost.
In The Bardo, I recount a story of a seminar I attended in my youth – where many seeds were planted about the lost mystical world; at the end of the talk, the mysterious speaker looked out into the audience with a piercing, unblinking gaze and said: “In the endgame, expect paradox.”  These words burned into my mind, lingering indelibly over 30 years.  The paradox, to which we are unknowingly oblivious now, is that our daylight, “wake” reality is, in Kali Yuga, the deepest descent into unconscious slumber possible by the human spirit – and that to actually awaken into Consciousness, we must regain access to the realm of “dreaming”.  The paradox is that the whole map of our many lives – the births without number into time, countless thousands of events, inflections of experience and feeling, deaths – are dangerous dreams of binding, hypnotic power.
There are microscopic degrees of sleep (and conversely, of awakening).  The mortal insidiousness of abject slumber is that of a coma; there is no memory, no knowledge of the source of one’s existence.  There is no receptivity or registering in the soul-body of the profound magnetic pull of the “true North” of the Causal plane.  Much less is there motive for the immense striving required for emancipation.
But back to the paradox: we know all about this now, right?  Thank God we’re not in ignorance of the light like the poor brethren that were our forebears.  We are the New Age, the enlightened tribe, and know that lofty, bright radiance of transcendence is our birthright.  We can just sit here and bask in it, enjoying our beatitude.
We are lost.  If you doubt me, measure yourself against the axiom enunciated by Gurumayi Chitvilasananda: “Leave the circle of Time, and enter the circle of Love”.
Are you in Time?  Are you, in daily life, bound and nailed to the cross of space and Time?

I rest my case.
But the Far Shore exists.  It is more real than you are.
And it is waiting for you.

Junipur  over and out

Tao of The Mother is Here!

Dear Readers

Mother of Light:The Book of Fire Vol ll  Tao of the MotherCantos on Fire Eating and The Art of Love in the 21st Century has arrived. This, being the 2nd Volume and the Completion of Mother of Light the Book of Fire. This is not massive in size, ha! But this work should give you enough to contemplate and reread over and over again. Hope you enjoy this Book. This is dedicated to The Devi’s, Sri Mata Meera, SriSri Amritanandamayi, and Sri Karunamayi and all The Divine beings, known or unknown. It’s available on Amazon and on the website.

Mother of Light, Ltd. is proud to present Lightning Series….

” What if you could capture the grace and power of Mantra…in a bottle?”

Yes, folks, we are literally days away from having Lightning Series available on-line – this is a vibrational essence that will be immensely beneficial and catalytic to all those pursuing spiritual practice of any tradition – and to humanity at large, desiring a tincture carrying the concentrated vibrational signature of the Name of God.
In future blogs, I will have a lot to express about vibrational essences – flowers, and those of other sources.  For you who have read The Bardo, (volume I of Mother of Light: The Book of Fire) you already know that my relationship to external tools for sadhana (light-work, spiritual practice) has always been sort of precise and selective; anything outside of oneself, no matter how perfect or beautiful, is a sword that cuts both ways.  The risk of attaching to that catalyst, and/or projecting the inner power onto it, is ever-present – it is the nature of consciousness, in untrained human form, to externalize. By the same token, though, when a tool is required from the manifest outside reality, nothing will proceed unless it is forthcoming.
So for myself, I took care never to be random – the world is crowded with millions of ‘toys’ and techniques, only a few of which are really yours, at a given point in time.  All others will increase the field of static.
This brings me to vibrational essences – they were on my radar for an interval, in the ’80′s, but soon fell away, vanishing into the background.  But when they resurfaced, they returned in a way that was forceful and clearly directed – and my entire consciousness was exploded in catalytic impact, with a horizon lit up that was limitless.
In a matter of moments, the Lightning Series came spontaneously into being, of its own accord; from the specific, focussed vibrations of select blossoms, or stones, or environments, one naturally reaches for the single vibrational core that creates all these, and is inherent in all that is manifest.  This is the MahaShakti, the living power emitting from the Names of God.  Lightning Series I is the tincture deriving from the Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Lalita Sahasranama), captured and concentrated with immense intensity through a massive Herkemer Diamond crystal, and a huge ParaAmethyst.  Lightning Series II carries the infusion of Om Namah Shivaya, the Name of Shiva, rendered into a tincture through these crystals, as well.  Further, this liquid lightning ,with crystals, has been radiated for many hours in direct sun – and, for good measure, spent nights on the surface of the large Reiki Master Symbol Generator (2′by 2′) possessed only by those holding 3rd master degree in Reiki.
These essences will be available in mother-tincture for internal imbibing, and in pendant, for wearing.

later, out there
Junipur, over and out

Introducing the New Mother of Light Ltd.

Hello, out there!  Already, 2011 has been a very different year for me – sort of spontaneously, of its own accord, the enterprise that began only in book form – the Mother of Light: The Book of Fire, Vols.I and II, (The Bardo, and Tao of the Mother: Cantos on Fire Eating and the Art of Love in the 21st Century) – has developed new petals on its bloom.  This has taken the shape of a gift shop experience, in a framework focussed around spiritual practice.

Before I tell you about the elements in our new shop, I want to explain a little about why this might be unusual for me, personally, and how it is meaningful now; the life story told in The Bardo traces a trajectory, kind of like the path of a rocket, out of the earthly sphere completely.  Though certain tools were allowed, and remained throughout the exodus – crystals, for example – by and large, accessories and adjuncts were passed through, and just left behind.  I was amazed, frankly, when a piece of writing, like a book, crystallized and fell to earth, and I certainly never visualized any additional “condensation”, so to speak; nor was I seeking any.
To my surprise, some specific tools and medicines of different kinds stepped forward as this year opened, to be made available for the process of spiritual expansion; I realized, as well, that this was indicative of a return to the world of form for me, at the same time.
Here, briefly, are the limbs to the Mother of Light Ltd. Gift Shop: they are comprised of products of our own, together with new affiliate relationships we feel are important for aspirants.  I will have more to say about them next month:
*Mother of Light Print Gallery: The “Rose Garden“, photography of the special roses of the book covers, and more
*The Sri Chakra Gallery, unique compositions of highly inspired Sri Chakra mandala art photographs, individual prints, including the Magician, as seen in the website.

*Mother of Light Vibrational Medicine: this includes highlights of specific remedies I have found to be especially catalytic for spiritual process, through a fully-articulated affilliate company (meaning offering new formulations of vibrational essences, in addition to Bach Flowers) and introducing the Mother of Light Lightening Series: Mantra Essence.  For those of you who ever wondered how you could truly capture “lightening-in-a-bottle”, we are pleased to offer two tinctures:

The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Lalita Sahasranama)

Om Namah Shivaya

Both infused and concentrated into pure water from the Appalachian Mountains, through the use of massive Herkemer Diamond and ParaAmethyst crystal.

*Full scale availability of crystals and gems, through our new affilliate, Healing Crystals and more…

Well, that’s all for now, folks – state tuned, we should be up and running with the complete banquet of Light by the time I talk to you in March!
Junipur, overandout

2012: Thoughts on Turning Lead into Gold

Dear Who-ever-is-out-there,
I’m sequestered here in the massive Arctic blast, trying to find the pieces of my mind to address the last blog of the year 2010.  Suddenly, I find myself compelled to do something I had never planned, which is to relay the substance of a visitation I had from Mother Meera, some year-and-a-half ago.  The essence of Her message is all you really need to know; it confirms what is accepted knowledge to many in present day, while seeming a remote or fanatical rumor to others.  Here it is:


She did convey some details, but I don’t feel it necessary to express them – the portent of the date speaks for itself.    I don’t see my role, whatever that is, as a soap-box speaker, or a town crier – it’s not anywhere in my DNA – so when I received the vision, confirming definitively what I had always known full well, it was not my first thought to pick up a megaphone, literally or figuratively.  The imponderable weight of the time on earth, whether or not you are tune with apocalyptic prophecy, is crushing us all anyway.  I wondered, how can I possibly lay one more straw on the back of the collapsing human race – the one I love so desperately, regardless of having been driven into exile  over the decades, by its various members?
Then I contemplated again about the bloody trail of my own life, about the real purpose and message written out in The Bardo; I remembered,once more, that the whole point was that I had, in my individual, separate existence, faced in advance the very configuration of catastrophe now rising in a tidal wave before the collective.  I had created the identical no-exit-no-way-out dynamic through indulging in the same tragic human flaws we are, as a whole, mired in today: arrogance, impatience, adolescent immaturity, and obstanance, to name a few.  My one saving grace was some deeply ingrained capacity for ruthless, cutting-to-the-bone inquiry – part of a Scorpio influence, maybe.
As the landscape of this incarnation truly dawned on my consciousness, with all its implications and necessary outcomes, I knew the only resolution was in the turning to face the adversaries of my invention – lock them dead in my sights – and hurl myself into a battle to the death.  There was no room for the courtesies and elegance of cheerful, ‘positive thinking’, avoiding negative feelings, ‘staying in the light’, in the way these concepts have come to be thrown around indiscriminantly. You must first create – from your own hard work, and victories on the field - the conditions where the Light can exist within you, before you can ‘stay’ in it.
Here’s my point, then. We are in the time of lead..the last hours of the Piscean Age are of this quality of impermeable opacity and darkness. The only way to reach gold is not through painting with thicker coats of gilt over what is fundamental shadow and unredeemed consciousness..we can’t lie our way out of it this time.  With terror and trembling, we must see the truth as it is, and try our best to stand with each other, and hold each other up as we prepare for the fight.
With this in mind, I say in this last blog of  2010: 2012. It is on the approach. We better stand up, or die trying.
See you on January 1.
Junipur, over and out

“It’s about Beauty…”

What famous philosopher/poet wrote the immortal lines? Was it Ralph Waldo Emerson? or Thoreau? Maybe Shakespeare? or John Keats??..”Truth is beauty; beauty, truth.  That is all ye know, and all ye need to know…” or words to that effect.  Pardon my bad memory, I may not recall the author, but the lines have always stayed with me since youth, as expressions of some mystic reality beyond the apparent, the obvious meaning.
Volume 1 of Mother of Light: The Book of Fire, The Bardo is the tale of a life that covers vast expanses of human consciousness and experience - the distances traversed, driven by an insatiable hunger; ” hard-fought”, is what I would call it.  One of the many themes explored is of a life-and-death struggle against a state of demonic possession: I can’t delve into this aspect in a brief forum such as a blog, but I will say that the experience was an education – one without an endpoint – in the depths and inflections of human suffering, not only in the body, the personality, but of the soul, itself.  I was locked in hand-to-hand combat with the powers of doom, the loss of which battle would not only be catastrophic in the moment, but for the future, as well.
When I reflect back on the siege, cycle upon cycle, I am contemplating the thread that pulled me onward throught impenetrable darkness; it was a chord that seemed wrapped around my being, unbreakable by any force.  I realize this rope was bound to beauty; in fact, The Bardo is nothing, if not an examination of the power of living, spiritual truth, in its manifestation as beauty, and the cultivation and intensification of this luminosity to vanquish the shadow.  As the years crawled, one on the heels of another, and my endurance flagged, I pulled ever deeper from the universal wellsprings to create focal points of the gorgeous that would keep open those pathways to Transcendent Truth: perfumes, incense, music, anything and everything that would resonate the higher octaves of Light.
Because this is the thing…” the beauty, truth.”  If I had to make a single, pivotal statement about the reason (if one needs a reason) to pursue the spirit, it is because that ineffable is the birthplace, the cause, and the essence of all beauty.  And the dark, at its root and in all manifestations, is ugly.  There is no more certain highway to the Divine than to follow the spiral stairways leading you from beauty, on to ever greater beatitude.  Just remember not to be satisfied with the mirror-reflections of the glory in the physical; they are there in service, to lead you on to their source, no to stand in for it.  You have to remember to be reminded of. And to set out in hot pursuit.
That’s all for now, folks….Junipur, over and out

Introducing Consultations!

Introducing Consultations! plus, a little, tiny rant..

Greetings, folks, as we race into 2011, (or, as some of us may feel, hurtling like a comet towards 2012) – I want to announce The Book of Fire Consultations, now available through the Mother of Light website.  Those of you who have read Volume I: The Bardo, already have some understanding of the depth and breadth of my trainings in many modalities; but for those who have not come across the book yet, (or maybe even the bio, on the site), I can offer a brief introduction to my palate.  This includes, but is not limited to: radical kundalini awakening at age 20 (1976) which initiated the following 35 years of intensive yogic practice, mostly in a cloistered, solitary environment; Shaktipat initiations from Swami Muktananda,in the physical as well as the astral; initiations from Sri Amritanadamayi and Mother Meera, both in physical and astral; in-depth studies/apprenticeships in shamanism, astrology, crystals, transpersonal psychology; 3rd degree Reiki initiation; degree in Massage Therapy and Natural Healing.

I invite all of you to come and begin a dialogue with me; I have the experience to address concerns of personal development, (or, as Carl Jung termed it, “individuation”), in addition to matters of spiritual/psychic evolution, from the level of the beginner to the more advanced.  Visit the website for details.
Let me add some thoughts on the subject of “pedigree”: the glossary of trainings/initiations/degrees an individual holds is a somewhat scary, ambiguous thing.  It can be incredibly meaningful, and turn out to be a clear indicator of the inner quality, expertise, and age of the soul of the holder. On the other hand, these acquired  markers may have no relevance at all.  A degree is a promise – not a substance – and today, promises of all kinds are being betrayed, unfulfilled.  These experiences may have fallen onto fallow soil, or been accumulated by a soul very ‘wet behind the ears’, and lacking in maturity.  (Meaning that there will be a limited crystallization or yield from the training, etc.)  The problem we face in the age of materialism is that we don’t know we have the problem – it is a matter of general acceptance and assumption that the external currency – be it diploma, plaque, what-have-you – is the sought-after value/quality, in and of itself.  Now, I am in no way whatsoever diminishing the real, irreplaceable importance of disciplines from the outer environment.  Not for a minute.  But no one seems to have the same level of urgent concern, the same care about the quality of the stewardship of the inner attributes of the individual.  Let me tell you, anyone who has been in dire need of support in their lives, and has put themselves in the hands of a variety of different ‘therapists’, (all with proper credentials, of course) knows full well that a degree is like any other label on a package: what is inside the box might live up to, or even far surpass the promise of the title; just as easily, that sticker might come off with the wrapping paper, leaving an empty carton.  And an empty box would be a best-case scenario for this eventuality, instead of one stuffed and overflowing with somebody else’s left-over refuse.
Even then, one man’s garbage is another man’s pearl of great price…I only say, be sharp, be smart, and learn to observe the energies of the inner planes – most especially if you are going to open your being to the influence of another, unknown quantity.  OK, rant now officially over!

Til next time,
Junipur over and out