Mantra Essence/Smudge

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We have formulated an artisinal tincture that captures the frequencies of Vedic mantram, superpotentized with massive Herkimer Diamond**, and large ParaAmethyst** crystal. This highly concentrated holy water will be charged with the Reiki Master Symbol Generator; (this board is the large size, 2’ by 2’ square, and is only available from the Reiki Foundation, on completion of the 3rd master degree.)

The Lightning Series has two expressions: the first creation is derived from one of  the greatest mantram in Sri Vidya Sadhana, The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Sri Lalita Sahasranama); the second creation will derive from the ancient Sanskrit mantra used in many Hindu sects, Om Namah Shivaya.

Lightning I: The Thousand Names – Vocal Intonations of Swami of Sri Amritanandamayi, and Sri Amritanandamayi with chorus

Lightning II: Om Namah Shivaya - Vocal Intonations of Gurumayi Chitvilasananda

The essences will be made according to the highest standards of purity, using wellwater from the Great Smoky Mountains of the East, in the USA.

I would like to relate a brief story told in one of the books of Sri Amritanandamayi, a universally recognized Incarnation of the Divine Mother, to illustrate a tiny, yet revealing significance of the nature of “mantra shakti”:  one of Amma’s devotees had the duty on a certain afternoon of preparing ice tea for Mother; the girl was as careful, and thoughtful as she could be, with full concentration and devotion. With anticipation, she presented the glass to Amma.  Mother took a sip, paused for a moment, then shook Her head slightly.  She said, “Daughter, were you doing japa (repeating mantra) as you were making the tea?”  The abashed girl said no, in fact her concentration had lapsed for a time.  Amma thanked her wholeheartedly but said it was quite impossible for Her to take in any substance made without carrying the vibration of mantra.

The beauty of this story, as it pertains to the Lightning Series, is that the question is of the potency of mantra, said silently and only a few times, in the personal mind of an aspirant; consider, if you will, the exponential increase in power of mantra, as repeated by monks, saturating pure water for many days….and magnified further by large Herkimer Diamond and Amethyst crystals**in the vessel at the time of transmission.

purposes include:

 *accelerate awakening

 *assisting in achieving the meditative state

 *cultivation of power and consistency in japa

 *opening to the power of the Divine Mother, and to higher octaves of Light

** Amethyst, abode of the Violet Consuming Flame, gives access to higher states of consciousness, transmutes darkness into light, and helps to open the Sahasrara Chakra to the universal light of Divinity.

** Herkimer Diamond is complete unto itself. Often called “dream crystal”, for its facilitation of dream recall, it symbolizes integration of spirit and matter into a single form, with all polarities meeting in the center.

Both  Mantra Essences are Available in  4 dram tincture, $15.   Along with our diamond-shaped pendant, infused with Essence of Your choice for $12.

Sweet Water Medicine Smudge

Mother of Light, Ltd. is also pleased to offer a uniquely beautiful recipe for Sweet Water Medicine Smudge, according to Sun Bear, in 1984.  A lightly-ground formulation, it is a combination of cedar, white sage, sweet grass and lavender; it is without doubt the most exquisite and effective smudge we have ever encountered, rendering the environment clean, light, and holy.          1 oz bag $10